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Santa Special

Santa special is our main Christmas event. For two weekends in December the Museum is transformed into a 'Christmas Experience'.

This means a lot of work for the Rustic Volunteers, starting in early November when a thousand presents arrive (from Santa). All these have to be checked and boxed.

During December, buildings and displays are cleared or rearranged to provide space to erect Santa's workshop, his house, animal pens, seating areas, a model railway and the refreshment facilities for our visitors and volunteers. All these areas are decorated and thousands of lights installed in the buildings and around the site.

Our Wednesday volunteers carry out much of this pre-event construction work. In January, they also take it all down, and pack it all away for next year.

Staffing on the days of the Santa Special is provided by our volunteer group and friends of the Museum.
At any one time during the event, we have a minimum of 22 staff on site. They help to park cars; drive trains, escort our visitors from one area to another, staff the workshop, look after the displays and serve refreshments. They also introduce our visitors to Santa and make sure the children get the right present.  

Christmas really wouldn't be the same without 'the Rustic Volunteers' and it is a great chance to dress up and have a great time.




Santa Special 2018


It starts to take shape.


Below is a pictorial guide to building Santa's Grotto.



g        g5      g4



 g3       g2       g1







s8                   s9



And other building work in the rain.         Santa workshop items needed some work.



Santa Specials 2009-12