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December Events at the Museum.

Sadly Santa Special had to be cancelled due to the lockdown, but the Gift Fair is now on the 5th of December and the Vintage Christmas event has been rescheduled for the 12th and 13th of December. Full details are on the museum website. Both subject of course to any government announcements.



Leaf Sweep Day.

The leaves keep coming down during the lockdown, so we need to clear some of them before the December events. So we are planning a Leaf Sweep Day on December 3rd, please keep the day clear in your diary for some post lockdown fresh air fun!  Subject to the lockdown finishing on the 2nd. Please bring a rake and gloves, the café will not be open, so please bring your own refreshments.



News from the museum.

Despite restricted numbers of volunteers allowed on site between the lockdown periods much good work has been completed.


The double sided bus shelter renovation is now complete.


The Pavilion roof has new ridge shingles.


The front of the Air Raid shelter has been rebuilt.


The area behind the Dolls House has been redecorated.


A very successful Bulb Planting Day was held in memory of Celia.


The new central guttering in the Frensham Building has been installed.


And a hundred and one day to day maintenance and cleaning jobs normally done by paid staff.



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