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Rustic Volunteers Treasurers Report    

A.G.M. March 15th 2020


The hard work of volunteers has resulted in a good bank balance at the end of the year in spite of the number of projects that have been funded during the year.


As usual a special mention for the fantastic Car Boot team, the original target of £1000 being exceeded magnificently. Secondhand books have also proved popular and with added donations raised £863.


Rustic Sunday run by volunteers but now headed by Katie the Events Manager raised £1538 the weather being much better this year, games at Weyfest adding another £303.


Following the donation of the use of Tilford Institute for an event, a quiz was held in November raising £818.


Santa Special proceeds, a sold out event, are paid directly to the museum however I am able to report a profit of £10,800 each for the museum and the railway. In addition the Christmas Punch, which proved very popular and the Raffle raised a further £1710.


You may have noticed that we haven’t paid any insurance this year, this is because we are now fully covered by the museum. Events are now jointly organised with Katie as the lead.


Our bank threatened closure of the deposit account because of lack of activity, the committee decided this account was no longer required, it has been closed with the proceeds transferred to the current account.


Two volunteers continue to run the 200 Club drawing three prizes each quarter whilst helping a number of projects around the museum.